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Raw Love


Love is raw, deep and full of



Love at the bottom of the barrel is raw

It is beauty and the beast mixed into one

It is heaven and hell at the same time


Love is not butterflies in your stomach

it is not googly eyes on your mate

it is not apple and spice and everything nice!


Love at the bottom of the barrel is deep

it is a mix of good with the bad

it is calm with a touch of intense


Love is not an act of neediness

it is not jealousy and fear

it is not neediness or helplessness


Love at the bottom of the barrel are aspirations

it is a pen to paper of goals

it is a cloud full of dreams


Love is not what you think of love

Love is a 24-hour job you hate to love

Love is raw, deep and full of





My Spark of Love


My love. My confidant. The man who holds my heart. I knew he was out there. I knew time would lead me to him. One year later and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. That is love. 

He is my friend who I can share my thoughts with. He is my co-parent who accepted my 5 year old as his own. Who does that? A real man! This man! My man! 

We compliment each other with our own quirky ways. We are like a scale…always evening life out. I have never felt so complete as I do with my number one man. 

He plays his guitar as he sings to lyrics that come to his mind. I write with my pen as I write words to create stories. We are a ying and yang of the life of artists. 

He is my muse and I am his backbone. He is my King and I his Queen. We rule our world with love, freedom, compassion and most importantly….with unconditional love. 


Her Tray Today


Happiness in hands,

when it goes astray,

Feelings of betray,

I’ve laid down my tray,

crackers and cheese,

take me as you please,

Picky, sticky,

you leave it to be,

You will be free,

unfed like the bee’s,

Pollen is missing,

honey is dissing,

Flowers gone hissing.

I lay the tray,

do not betray,

I shall stay away

and eventually turn gray.


La Luna


Days shatter like
broken glass.
Feet unprotected.
She is raw.
She will bleed.

Depleted. Dry. Desolate.
Pearly beads swamping
her chest.
Burning eyes from El Sol.

Awaiting for his light to
caress her as if
tomorrow shall never arrive.
She is chewing gum.
She will burst.

Dejected. Depth. Deplore.
He rises with crisp whisks.
Euphoria drenching her soul.

Cricket rolls swooshing into
her dejected soul.
She is contempt.
She is cured.
She is consolable until…..
Father sun awakens.


Was Then


When his soul cried out
for her,
When all he ever wanted
was to lay his head on
her heart,
never to have to hear
When he cried from the
deepest parts of his soul,
When he begged to have
her all to himself,

Was when.
Was then.

When he gave her his
last kiss, she realized a
love was then,

Was when.
Was then.

Now it is unnatural for
to love anyone else.

Was when.
Was then.


My Man and his Smokes


     Call me batty
              Call me bonkers

~There is nothing sexier
than him blowing smoke
out of his sultry lips~

~His strong arms
holding me tight
while he whispers
sexy nothings into
my ear~

         Call me batty
              Call me bonkers


Life of Love


Beautifully Overwhelmed
   Overindulged in Him
      He is Love
          Life of Love
             Love of Us
                 Mounts of Sparks
                    Split Throats
                     Thoughts of Wonder
                      Wakeful Flowers
                   Flaunty Skin
               Skies of Ties
           Tracks of Lust
         Lost in a Spell
     Saturated Light
  Life of Love
Love of Us
   Unearthed Skin
      Saturated Passion
          Pouty Love
               Life of Love
                  Love of Us

-Cami*Star 2016