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Saturday Meditation


Today’s words, thoughts, and meditation:

Today, take a moment out of your busy life and ask yourself:

1. What are the scents you breath in from the air?
2. How does the scented air expand your awareness?
3. How clean is the air you are breathing in?

Think and remember that the molecular air that we are breathing in are the same ones that have been circulating the Earth from the beginning of time. These are the same molecules that Buddha, Christ, Vishnu, Allah, and all other Gods and Goddesses have engulfed. They were all mighty and you can be almighty as well. All you have to do is





Darkness robs everything from you,

Kid voices hurt your ears,

Happy smiles piss you off,

Getting OUT of bed,

Is more like fighting-the demons in your head!

Darkness robs the life out of you,

Going outside seems so undane,

Lovers across the way have a way-of making you cringe,

Darkness robs your soul,

Darkness robs your essence,

Darkness drinks you in, leaving you with absolute mortality.

But, of course, I opened your door.

I wanted some more!

I embraced  your lust of red velvet, clinging thrown,

I abandoned the light,

I gave up on the stars,

I gave up on the essence of a beautiful-hope endured life,

You loved me,

You opened a door that would forever change my soul,

I took the door-I took you in,

I gave in to all of your sins,

I lay, on the black-bleaked floor,

Looking up, unto your dark moon-lit night,

Take me!

Take me as I am,

Distorted, unable to think,

Hateful, wanting to kill,

Kill for a thirst of blood,

Blood that will energize me to walk out at night,

Look for you-my dark love of tonight,

You are my life,

my dark, dreadful soul.

Find me,

I am here, awaiting, your dark, lust of love.

Blood dripping down my mouth,

come, kiss me, take me to the dark paradise you promised!

Darkness robs everything from you,

but it did not rob me from you,

I shall await my King,

Await till you take my last inch of a soul.


I am your teacher…


Your tormented soul,
Yet you radiate a glow,
With fear in your heart,
There is no room for growth.
In that dark soul of yours,
you envy to be free.

Liven it up, be free with your life,
Take that step, you will be alright!
Take a deep breath,
Breath in and in-out ,
Walk with the sun, your road is right here.

Look with your eyes, see all that is here,
A tear and some fear, is just not to wise,

Let go of your hurts, your pain and troubles,
Trust me, it will make you more humble.

Open your hand, It wont hold you back,
Fingers together, trust me, you will not lack.

Get on my fast train,
We’ll go for a ride,
Let the air touch our cheeks,
Live and not hide.

Your soul, for that is all that you need,
I am your teacher and believe you can be.

Peace to your life, I’ll give you some of mine,
Just walk the happiness line and you will be fine.

-This is written for my adult students who struggle with depression, anxiety and/or low self esteem. I believe in them, they just need to have faith in themselves!

Love your teacher,

Ms. Cami-Star