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Wrapped Souls.


My soul is wrapped around you; twined, tightened, never to rip, 

My soul is within yours, breathing, loving, swimming alongside.

Two beautiful souls whom are magnetized.

Tightened ropes may age, they may fringe or burn from el sol, but those two entwined,






Soul Blogging


There are many different types of humans in this world. I have met lovers of life, liars and those who are stuck in their own darkness. But the individuals we can really see are those who we are intimate with. Intimacy breaks down all walls and we can see their whole soul.

I have to say, throughout my adulthood, regardless of what one may have or have not gone through, I have the utmost respect for the soul that can look at one person and be only about that one person.


That soul is me, but I already respect myself and maybe this is why I respect individuals who can be monogamous.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we only have one life, we should enjoy it to our fullest potential(s). And when we meet someone we connect with, why not enjoy it and take the beautiful ride?

Not all humans believe in this way of life, but maybe one day, they’ll wake up and see how beautiful one soul can be for them, especially the one soul they connect with.

Until then, the soul that walks next to me is the soul I respect. That soul will get the deepest love I can offer because tomorrow is never promised, so I shall live for today!


Cami*Star 2015

Speck of Dust


Most days you are simply a voice in this large world,
Words and phrases reminding me of your sorry soul,

Some days, you are a speck of dust floating through the thick air,
Visions of your brown eyes striking me through my heart,

Other days, like today, you are the missing piece to my soul that your soul had to go and


fuck up.

©Cami*Star 2015

Fairy tales


When I truly connect with a soul, this is a rare occasion.

I have a very easy going soul, but I find it difficult to really, truly connect.

I do not care for small talk. I care for deep conversations that will take me to your fairy land.

And I found him. And we soared through the clouds at night. We rode through the bright sun.

It was magical. But all good things do not seem to last forever. Even fairy dust ends up diminishing.

The wrong page was turned. The wrong words were written. They were inked on.  Then “poof” we went into two separate worlds.

And I truly miss that story, even though it had a horrible ending!

I love fairy tales with happy endings. Somehow my world seems to transport villains and they come off as true Kings. But once their spell is broken, I see who and what they really want.

Regardless, it was a beautiful story. Our souls connected. And this is rare.

Rareness will always be remembered, it is not everyday that I get to soar through sprinkled fairy dust.

Maybe, our stories will collide again.

Until then, I send only my fairy wishes to you.



Insatiable is her thirst,
One more drip.
Drips of lust.

Untouchable is her charge,
One step closer.
Boiling inside.

Redness around her mouth,
Quenched with a high.
Drowning further down.

Drugs of lust tie her down,
Watered mouth overflowing.
Growling inside.

Attempting to escape her faith,
Heart pumping.
Sweat dripping.

Forever scarred internally,
Sharpened nails hitting her soul.
Unthinkable lust attempting to bust.

Vision of our Eyes


Our souls are our essence. Our mechanical organs run like a machine every millisecond of the day to keep our blood flowing. Our mind is able to subside as our souls are nourished or contaminated every second of the day. Our eyes can see the beauty or ugliness of our world. What my eyes see and your eyes see may be completely different. When you meet someone who has the same visions as you, don’t ever let them go.