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Radiating Beauty



The truth of the matter is that we all have a C-H-O-I-C-E-! If you want to sit and wallow is your own misery, THAT IS YOUR C-H-O-I-C-E. WE all go through pain and problems, but it is how we deal with them! Those who choose to accept their walk of life are much happier because they can move on and be happy. The next time you see someone with radiant eyes and a kind heart, remember that they have not lived a “perfect” life, but they have chosen to live a radiant life not the pitter patter if bleakness and hate!

Comparing life to Metallica’s lyrics


One of my favorite bands is “Metallica”. Their words have always linked there way into my life. I am a lover of life and one part of that is music.

Today, I am on a high of music. It gets me going. It gets me through life.

But, this one particular song, has brightened the light bulb today. I was blaring my music this morning as I rest. Yes, rest on a Tuesday. Who does that, right? Well, me, because I fractured my foot this weekend.

These are moments that I cherish. Even though I am in physical pain, it has led me to my music as I have the time. More importantly, it brought upon a great thought!

I was laying on my back, foot raised to decrease the swelling, while I sang my heart out. What better thing to do, to distract the pain, right?

In my shuffle, came “One”, by Metallica! I never really linked these words, but today, it meant something to me. Something powerful. Something real.

Composers of the song, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich bring these words into my brain and I have an epiphany. In the middle of the song, I blare and sing (scream more like):

“Darkness, imprissoning me,
all that I see, absolute horror,
I cannot live, I cannot die,
trapped in myself,
body my holding my cell”.

WOW! Just WOW! Those are some deep words. Words that held me captive for many years. That horror that you do not want to live. The horror that your mind and soul are holding you captive, yet you do not have the courage to actually end your life.

“Landmine has taken my sight,
taken my speech,
taken my hearing,
taken my arms,
taken my legs,
taken my soul”

And here I am realizing that I overcame that darkness! No one, I mean NO ONE can take my happiness away today. I had to learn the hard way. I learned by feeling like I was in that land mind. People get carried away with life. People will walk into that land mind and get trapped. Trapped into hating themselves, hating others and life sucks.

Well, we can all escape. And I am not afraid to tell you that I escaped. I will never go back there. Yes, we all get trampled every once in a while, but that does not mean you have to stay.

Life is not perfect. Everyone will walk into a landmine, but it is your choice whether to stay and make yourself suffer or to run. Run, run, run. Run away and go as far as you can!

Beautiful song,
Beautiful lyrics,
It is true.

Walking into a landmine can kill you. But will you stay? Will you allow yourself to die because you are to weak to get up and walk away? I am not! I will not allow myself to stay stuck. I am a bigger and better person today.

I hope you are too!