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Goodbye Mr. Winter


Goodbye to you Mr. Winter. You came and went like my dinner. Easy, breezy.  You froze us as if we were light sinners. Kind of like going into church to confess all your sins. Father tells you to do two hail Mary’s and one our Father, which is nothing compared to the girl sitting next to you doing four hail Mary’s and ten our Father’s!

Winter, you were a joke. Sorry to say, but maybe the truth will change your ways. You freezed us to Popsicles for about a week, then we all melted into summer days. I called you “Winter-Spring” as most of your days were warm and sunny, the way I like my eggs, the only difference is that you made me sweat when I should have been freezing.

La-tee-da Mr. Winter, you won’t be missed this year as you were barely there, but I do hope you come back, if our damn people can stop all the bad air!

I cannot speak the same for all across your land, it was kind of like you ran away from us Californians and blew all your coldness over the South.  My heart truly misses your chilly days. Maybe, maybe, maybe we can rejoice in our future days….


Walk with Mother Earth


We stand tall and walk with Mother Earth,
The bottoms of our feet walk upon your surface,
You give us energy to feel all the love in our world,
You are preparing your world for the renewal of our seasons,
You shall bring us ornaments that will delight our eyes,
Sweet odors will please our olfactory nerves,
Hand in hand, I take my kin,
We walk bare on the top of your life….


March Mantra


March Mantra

March mantra is…..
Come out of the dark winter.
Spring is around the corner.
In darkness, we are inside, we find out who we are.
Without darkness and introspection, we cannot find ourselves.
Our hopeful mother earth, embraces the darkness to bloom later in spring.
As with flowers, nothing comes to birth without light!
I embrace your upcoming light mother earth!

Picture from mabgraves.blogspot.com

Spring…Oh, Spring….


Spring is in the air,

I can feel the wind blowing in my hair,

Your light makes me feel alive,

Your heartbeat makes me feel astrive,

Spring is coming,

It is coming soon…

Just like the balloons coming to the blue,

Your smiles brighten my day,

Your laugh gives me rays,

What is life without you, my lovely spring?

You’ve been by me through the cold wind,

You’ve been by me through the freezing nights,

Spring, Spring…Oh Spring…I can’t wait for your delights.