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Easter Meanings….


Today is Easter, which has different meanings depending on your culture and belief systems.

A popular version of the meaning of “Easter” is from Christianity. It is the belief that Jesus Christ has resurrected from death. His resurrection is a symbol of eternal life that is given to all who believe in him.


But, Easter did not necessarily begin with Jesus. It actually began as a Pagan celebration of the of “Eostara”, the Goddess of rebirth. Pagan followers would have a “Feast of Eostara”, which celebrated the resurrection and rebirth of Mother Earth.

Today, in the 21st Century, the most popular version of Easter is Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny, Easter Baskets and food with family. Some attend church if Christian and others celebrate life.

If you look at history and the actual definition of Easter, it is the celebration of life! It is a celebration of rebirth. What happened to Jesus? He came back to life, rebirth! Pagan’s celebrated the Goddess of rebirth! Easter Eggs is a symbol of rebirth!

Regardless of your beliefs, sit in peace with yourself and rebuild yourself to your highest. Spring is a time of rebirth of flowers and plants. It is a beautiful time where not only Mother Earth comes back to life, but so can you!

happy easter


One step closer….


It only takes one step to get closer to the truth. 

It only takes one step to get closer to the sun.

It only takes one step to get closer to healing.

Take that step!



It feels good!

I thought I would never get out of my dark hole.  

It wasn’t even a hole. 

It was a small ditch.

I loved and lost.

It happens to us all.

Once I kept going forward, everyday got better.

I love my life. 

It is like a flower. 

If you do not water it, it will not grow. 

Water  your flower!

Give yourself some sun.

You may not see your roots sprouting today or tomorrow, but it will if you keep watering. 



Everything grows with a little water, sun and time ❤