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summer solstice


summer solstice

Summer is officially here,
Where there will be longer days,
Cool nights,
And late night laughs!

I have left
Negative thoughts,
Negative energy,
Negative people,
In Spring,
Where they will dissipate,
Into thin air.

Today, on this sunny day,
I raise my hands to our sun God,
I breath in our fresh summer air,
I welcome positive rays,
Of sunshine,
To illuminate me like a sun warrior!

I dare you!
Go out,
Live free,
Be free,
Take in the sun’s energy,
You will be free,
You are beautiful,
Like the rays that are now upon us!

Happy Solstice


Your hot, your hot, oh, you are oh so hot.
You beam down like a trucker,
You beam down like a mother!
Your hot, Your hot, Oh you are oh so hot!
The perspiration rolls down,
The heart starts to pound,
Your heat is surrounded by the sounds of the ground,
Why you do me like this?
Why do us like that?
Your heat is too much for all of this mess!
Go, just leave.
Leave us alone.
But I know you are here
You are here to stay,
These summer days
are too long for a parade.
But I know when you leave, I’ll miss you so much,
Just like a leaf not being able to drift,
Sunny Day’s just bring it down a bit,
Is that too much to ask?
Even, just for a bit????