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Her mind drips
onto paper
as heated
wax meets
its wick,


Her hand catches
sweet drips of
symbols as her
liquid wax falls
onto her lover,

She is a fume,

-Cami*Star 2016


Writing is to Love


I am a writer. I am a lover. I love to write as much as I write of love. I write too much. I think too much. I love too much. I can never stop writing as simple as I can never not love. Pen to paper is my passion as my love can catch you on fire. Loving is my passion as it is my inner fire. It is my awakening, my life, my world. My fire shall never dim as long as I write. If you find a writer, keep her, love him, never let them go. A writer is the most passionate person you shall ever meet. Love a writer, but stray from crossing their wits.  Their heat will rise and you will burn along with their papers. Loving has as much passion as my daily writings. My passion is love. Love is my passion. I am passion.

-Cami*Star 2015


Dear Me


Dearest Me,

I am writing to let you know that I love you as much as the sun shines upon our world. You are a beauty made of molecules filled with kindness and love. Although you have your days, I will hold tight even when your thoughts race to the dark side. My love for you is unconditional as it should be. I will always have your back while you go through both worlds. Always remember to smile and allow the Universe to sprinkle you with its cosmic powerful rays as it heals your dead ends.


Your Truly,

Your heart, mind and soul

Two a.m.



I love waking up at 2am, wide-eyed with many beautiful thoughts on my mind. And I’m truly not being facetious, I am being factitious! This is when I am true and raw to the bone. I absolutely love it, but I only love it on the weekends when I can sleep in. 🌻

Weird Weather


I absolutely love this change in weather,

It is no longer sweeter than this meter,

The meter that you put money into,

only to find out, it’s broke and it’s no joke.

No joke cuz, you have no more funds.

This weather starts cool,

Feeling like your lover kissing your neck,

tingling feelings crawling up your spine,

Ah heck, wind that machine,

keep winding mother earth, this is not a dream!

Coolness is over as heat rides it’s way,

Riding to the highest, but it’s my dismay,

Sweat in the back of my straps,

As if I am a hippo with no fucken neck!

I absolutely love this change in weather image