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Black Jack is back


Black Jack is back!

Do you jump in? Do you vibe it?

Do you lose as if your life is on a limb?

Are you running? Running from what?

Games? Corruption? Are you losing it?

Black Jack is back.

Do you run away? Do you beg? Are you lost?

Do you lie as if you’re life is immaculate? (Bwahhahah)

You LOSE! Or did YOU???


Black Jack is back.

Accept it! Live it! Breath it!

Are you running (AGAIN)? Running from what?

Winning in life? Living in peace? Making it?

Do you live your life as if you’re life is dull? (OKAY!!!!)

You chose your own cards! You chose to be free!

STOP running in oblivion!

Black Jack will win! Black Jack did win!

Walk away in stride! Walk away in glory!

You are the mighty winner!

Don’t you know?

Black Jack is back!

-Camistar.com 2020