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I want to be free.
I want to live a life
with no restraints.
I want to be open.

What stops me?
My thoughts.
My desires.
My wants.
My needs.
My domestication
of our world.

I do not want to worry
what people think
about me.
I do not want to worry
if my lover has
another lover.
I do not want to
care about what
I look like.

What stops me?
My mind.
My feelings.
My heart.
My humanness.

I want to be happy,
with or without money.
I want to live free.



Be Yourself

Dark Cloud-Light Sky

fighting that dark cloud,
when smiles are on your face,
fighting the tears that roll,
when you see nature’s beauty,
fighting the pull of darkness,
when all you want to do is fly,

fly, fly-high to the sky,

running from the thump in your heart,
when joy rushes through you,
running from the dark cloud,
when the rainbow is close by,
running away from the bay,
when all you see are ray’s today,

run, run, run away today!

No need to run,
you are the sun,
dark shall abide,
when the dark sky rides,
bye-bye tonight,
tomorrow is here,
rays are forever,
deep in here!!

Dark Cloud-Light Sky


She will talk your ear off, 

Yet silence portrays her, 

She will laugh day in and day out,

Yet be deeply sorrowed when alone,

She will smile like her world is alive,

Yet will frown with the toughness of the world,

She will live a free life,

Yet also feel stuck,




Deep Night,

She is awake,
Yet dead,
She is running,
Yet stagnant,

If you truly know her,
You know her.
If you don’t,
then you don’t.

She is a Gem
And also I.

Gem and I



I am in love, with this life of mine,
I do what I want and no need to whine,
I awake to this beauty,
Of life, shall I say,
We only get one, and I made it today!

I am blessed,
With my two little girls,
I bring them up,
With loving words to share,
They are my heart, my soul and my life,
Today is their day,
DO not rain on their parade!

As the day progresses,
My God as you see,
You have been giving,
Giving it all to me!
How can I say, thank you so much!
There are no words,
For there is so much.

Blessed as you see,
For you have the key,
They key to my life,
So I can just be,

Be as I am,
Be as I may,
As a teacher, a parent and lover,
Shall I say,

Always in love,
With all my little bees,
So grateful for all,
I am always in glee.
My God, you see,
You have given it all to me!

The way of my life,
With beauty and all,
I love the awakeness,
This is my ball,

Then there is he,
The one that brings light,
For today is mighty,
And loving the night!

I walk as I’m proud,
Proud of this life,
Today is forever,
Tomorrow is gone,
My God you see,
You have given it all to me!

Or maybe you have not!
Maybe it’s just me!
I live my life,
For all to see,

Positive words,
Peeping from within,
Plushness of life,
Plankness to stand,

God, I love you.
God, you love me.

Thank you,
Thank you,
For giving it all to me!!


I Have It All


The Mastery of Love

What an amazing read this was! I bought this book a few years ago and read it two times. The first time I read it, I was amazed. The second time I read it, I was enthralled!

This is one of those books that should seriously be taught in schools. It is the basics and not so basics on how to live life coming from a life of “love”.

So, every once in a while when I finish a novel or self-help book, I get bored. I had just finished a novel and needed something to read. It was a work night and I didn’t want to go out to a bookstore, so instead, I looked at my own book shelf.

And there it stood. “The Mastery of Love”, written by, Don Miguel Ruiz. It was calling me in. So, there I sat, re-reading this book for the 3rd time. And this time, wow! I felt like I was living in the book. It was amazing.

Miguel Ruiz, who is a Mexican born native, was not born to be a writer. He actually went to school to be a surgeon and later in life, he was in a car accident that changed his life. At this point, he began learning about his family heritage, which is part of the “Eagle Night Lineage”. Miguel is a “Nagual”, which is a master of this lineage. He has a strong binding family that has lead a life of people of knowledge.

People of knowledge! I wish I was born in that lineage!

So, here are some ideas/ideals/knowledge Miguel discusses in this wonderful book:

*When you live a life of positive or negative energy, it is all created because of YOU! “You create yourself, whatever you believe you are. You are the way you are because that is what you believe about yourself”. That is pretty powerful! If you think your fat and ugly, well you actually believe that about yourself! If you believe you are beautiful, once again, it is because you believe you are. All of our suffering is due to our thinking! Change the way you think of yourself, be positive, you are beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks, and life will be easier on your soul and heart!

So, once you love yourself inside and out, Miguel says that this is when we will begin attracting people who will respect us. If you don’t like yourself, you will most likely end up being with someone who will abuse you (mentally, emotionally, physically) because you are actually abusing yourself by constantly putting yourself down.

If you love yourself from within, you will not tolerate anyone mistreating you. This is when you will attract someone who will respect you.

So, when you do find that one person you want to spend your time with, how do you handle the ups and downs? All people, whether they are highly spiritual or not, go into valleys every once in a while. When a person is in a valley, they are not in a good mood. I am sure you have seen this. So, how do you handle a situation when your significant other is grouchy, in a bad mood or he/she does not want to hang out with you or have any fun?

Easy, as Miguel discusses:
-Don’t take anything personal (them let handle their garbage on their own)
-You can only handle your half of the relationship. You can never make your other half happy, they have to do it on their own.

Unfortunatly, we are not all graceful in how we handle our emotions, especially when we feel we are being attacked personally. But this is when those emotions turn into negativity and start playing tricks on us.

Miguel discusses that these negative emotions are brought upon ourselves. Now how can this be? You may say, “well, he/she did this to me, so I have every right to feel this way”. Yes, you do have the right to feel those negative feelings, but do you really like those feelings? When you feel these negative feelings, isn’t it hell? Well, it is! You are living in hell, when you feel that way. Heck, I don’t feel like living that way, and when and if I do, yes, it is HELL!

So, how do we get rid of those negative feelings that can creep up on us? That can drive us mad?

Once again:
-don’t take anything personally
-you are not responsible for what is happening around the world or to anyone else. You are only responsible for making yourself happy.
-If you fully love yourself, you will never have to go out and hunt for it!
-It is your your choice to suffer or not.
-Choose to not suffer and live free!

In a nutshell, this book is all about empowering yourself. It is learning how to LOVE yourself from within, so you never have to look for it. If you love yourself, everything around you will be filled with love.

What a beautiful, spiritual and wonderfully written book!

If you would like to get better at relationships-whether it is family, lovers or friends-read this!
If want to learn to love yourself a little more-read this!

I can’t express how much I loved this book. This book is part of my life.


Book Review: “The Mastery of Love”




She is sprinkled in tiny glows of dust,

They surround her with joys of lust,

Glowing lights puncture her soul,

Till she is engulfed in this hole,

Higher and higher she floats,

Up to space, where no one knows,

She delights in the cosmos of love,

Deeper and deeper, she flows.

Rings of fire call her in,

She can never tire of this sin,

Space dust covers her eyes,

She shall dream tonight,

Of this beautiful sight.



Bright yellow sun,

She is devoted to your fun!







Down below this ocean I lay,

Layers and layers and I’m covered in gray,

Floating in this dead sea, to my dismay.

Deeper and deeper I drown,

Deeper and deeper I go,

Deeper and deeper and deeper, you know?

Eyes closed, so I cannot see,

Anacondas trying to get me!

I Can’t seem to get free.

Darkness sweeps in,

The further I go,

The deeper, I go.

If you know, you know!

Throat clenched tight,

I Cannot stand this site.

I know there is light,

Up above tonight.

But, I float,




This Ocean tonight,

Shall bring me to shore,

Where tomorrow,

I know for certain,

There is a new door.dark-ocean--large-msg-117965810068



Falling Into the Ocean




Glowing fireflies,


Tingling heart,








Love you when your near,


Kisses from your heart,


Caresses only tingle,


Okay, Okay,

I’ll make your day,

Sing our song,

Cuz, guess what?

Im gone, long gone!!






Love, Hate