Two Kingdoms Book Review

Have you felt like your brain needs some sort of nourishment? Maybe a dose of Vitamin B12? Without realizing it, that was my brain at the end of the school year. As an Educator, the last two years had been nothing but exhausting, time consuming and a lack of self-caring for myself. My first summer (2022) was finally back to “normal” after our crazy pandemic. Last summer, my brain had been eating up books like they were going out of business.

With that being said, my first read that I have to share is …

A Memoir of a Life Interrupted: “Between Two Kingdoms” by Suleika Jaouad. This is a fairly new memoir, published in 2021. Suleika is enjoying life in her 20s, when low and behold, she finds herself spiraling into a 3-year fight with cancer. Suleika reflects on her past life, her life with cancer and how to deal with life after she is in remission. She is a bright, brave and intellectual soul. It was a pleasure reading about her journey. I give it a 5-Star Memoir rating!

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