Night, Night, Night….

The night is here and you are ever so young,

I’ve awaited you like the new bringing dawn,

I scrimmaged at the sun today, as it was not fun,

You should have come quicker at the sunset of sums,

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

I cringed for your darkness like a vampire for the young,

I’d rather hide today in your deep, deep-sea,

For tomorrow is anew and I will be clean,

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

The stillness of your love is nothing compared,

To the sun who shines abiding the life,

I wanted you to creep on this long-full trife,

But your here now, so let’s have this escapade!

Night, Night, you are ever so young,

Take my sorrows with you and run, run, run,

I want to wake up anew with the sun,

good-bye to you and to all who are undone….

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