Coffee House

As I sit in this coffee house, it brings me back to who I am.  In college, this is what I breathed.  This is where I lived and life brought in delights. 

It has honestly been quite a while since I had time to myself and been able to write freely in my likened environment. 

Nonetheless, today I sit here in my environment once again.  I breath in and smell the aroma of coffee beans.  I sit next to others who are in their own world, but we are all connected in one way.  This is our home.  We have a part of us that enjoys solitude, but not being secluded. 


I sit listening to the music of folk stars.  I hear the guitars and it brings music to my delicate ears.  I hear the drum beat and it makes my heart feel like I am alive.  I want to jump to my feet and freely flow around the coffee-house.  I want to entrump my arms up as if I can show the world that I am free and empowered to be me. 

I sit and envision.  I envision that I step one foot in front of the other, approach that handsome man sitting across from me. 

He sits there engulfed in his studies.  I remember that is where I was one-day.  I miss it.  I miss studying.  I miss learning.  He sits there, facing me, we make eye contact every few seconds as I continue to write.  He sits there with nerd glasses.  The black rims that I love oh so much.  The black rims on any man puts butterflies in my tum.  I have always had a weakness for nerd glasses.  Oh, he looks so intelligent, another turn on for me. 

His leg overcrossing the other, he reads a book with a pompadour on the top of his head.  Oh those sneakers!  Black chucks.  This man is the anatomy of my attraction. 

Back to reality.  I  love this moment.  I love this time.  My time is precious and right now at this second, I am in MY world.  I am in my coffee-house surrounded by others like me. 

I sit being able to write.  I am able to write freely.  I have so many thoughts.  I have so much sunshine in my heart that I am very tempted in shouting. 

Shouting that I made it!  I am here.  I have finally come to a place where I can smile.  Where I can say Fuck You and I really don’t give a shit. 

I feel empowered to be me.  Me, the girl who stands up for herself.  The girl who loves coffee houses.  The girl who will take a stance for my rights.  For women’s rights.  For the rights of human beings. 

In this volumtious world of fast going, undoing stress and lack of happiness, I found the loophole. 

I found you.  You pulled me in.  I sip your mocha tasting flavor.  My lover.  My heart.  My soul. 

I will remember you coffee-house when I take that step out into the world.  I will remember your mocha smelling flavor.  I want to suck you in like a horrible mate sucking the life out of someone.  I will remember your sounds of freshness.  The sweet sound of the guitar, of drum beats and sweet voices.  It is like biting into the sweetest melon you have found in your life.  It is like sweet melon dripping down your face while you try to lick it before in drips down your chin.  I will remember the view of all you wonderful souls. 

Two mates studying for exams.  In this world of the future, you would think I went into the future and am in a cartoon from The Jetsons.  There is the youngin’ working on his computer while he juggles talking on the phone and checking his text messages.  The other lad looks as though he is going to walk into his exam in 5 minutes.  He hand on his head for deep concentration and thinking. 

If you take about 15 steps to the right, there is Mr. Sharp.  He looks like he could model for a trendy magazine advertisement.  He clothes are flawless.  Uncrinkled.  Oh, I love his clothes.  I want that outfit minus the shoes!  His almost see through white shirt with red stripes running across.  His tight gray jeans with a cuff at the bottom.  So Chic (for a girl that is). 

I will remember you souls as I run across my life because we are all at peace with ourselves at this moment in this coffee-house. 

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