Teeth Clenching Love


Tied down to my world of two,
Heart fearing for all they do,
Tears of joy from little words,
“I love you” as they blow in through….

Heart tension from the needy two,
Blown apart for all they do,
Smiles of joy and laughter of love
Yes, yes, that will do!

Clinging fingers up my tired spine,
Screaming voices is all I find,
Hearts full of love, I can’t complain,
Innocence built on my tireless mind.

What would I do, without you two?
Life would be amazing, but sorry too!
Driving me nuts, is what you do,
But loving you, will continue through.

As time passes, days get better,
You learn to obey and play in good weather,
As much as it pains me to be your mother,
I am so grateful, this life with you.

Parents go through, trials and triumphs,
Being your parent is nothing to screw,
You were sent my way, by the gardens of eve,
I will love you forever and I shall let it be…

I was chosen to be this wondrous Mum,
It is teeth clenching, but worth all the hums!
This life is worth more, than you’ll ever know!
The ridden is here, the triumphs are trialed,

And, I love you two my wonderful dears!
I will love you today, tomorrow and forever all my days!!

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