Dark Forest


Deep in the dark forest,
She lies cradled like the death star.
Tormented with the dark grim,
He awakens, so he can rejoice.
Deep in the dark forest,
She clings for life as if being pulled down by him.
Scratching nails go through the bark,
Blood dripping from her pale nails
Drip, drip, drip.
He lays below her.
Tongue out, he licks it up.
Redenned eyes glare up at her,
She fleds the darkened scene.
Chasing her with the thumping of his beaten heart,
Cold chills down her back,
Hair pulled by the dark energy,
Frighted, Feared, Flee,
He pierces his teeth onto her soul,
She lays, death has awakened,
Drowning sobs,
She is gone.
Death by his dark star.
Drowned by his dark soul,
Deamed grim, dreaded light.


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