Poetry Reading


Poetry Reading

My first poetry reading. It was awesome!
It’s funny because I have been writing since I was in high school, which was about 20 years ago!

All of my poems and short stories are in journals. I never told a soul that I wrote. It was my little secret.

Then, three years ago my brother mentioned “wordpress” and told me to write a blog. So I did and have been sharing my poetry with other fellow wordpress bloggers ONLY!

About two years ago, I slowly started to share “some” of my poems with family and friends. It wasn’t until this year, which has been only 3 months that I told myself that I would open myself up to everyone and dive into the world of poetry.

So, here I am on my poetry journey. Today was my first reading. It was hella nerve racking, but I did it! I hope to do more and get more involved in this genre!!

For my fellow followers, thank you, thank you for taking a second out of your life to read my poems.

I appreciate all of y’all!!

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