Night Time-Nightmare

“As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, If I die before I wake………..”

As night creeps upon our world,

I look forward to resting my tireless head unto my bed,

awaiting sweet dreams full of lusciousness and candy!

Here I go, falling into my deep slumber,

One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep, OUT!

I am now walking into the spirit world-my world of unconsciousness.

Looking forward to sweet dreams,

Instead, a death star marked by death has decided to visit.

There it stood, faceless, voiceless and soulless!

I walk in my dream looking for beauty,

instead “IT” follows my every step,

My shadow of death!

It has decided to come and take a visit along my walk of unconsciousness!

Why? Oh-Why? Oh-Why?

I cling to my sheets, aware that I am in a dream or night terror shall I say.

Paralyzed, unable to move as I try to escape!

Laying in my chambers,

Heart Palpations begin to rise,

as its powerful energy moves closer and closer,

Unable to speak as I try to yell out “HELP!”,

Helplessness only brings upon sweat beading down my chest.

Footsteps get louder as it gets closer,


My mind yells out, yet the words are frozen, unable to flow!

Slathered is sweat, it won’t go away!

Frightened to my bones as if death finally won a soul!

Drowning in my own sweat, drenched of fear!

No more laughter, no smiles or candy dreams!

A prisoner of death, of fear am I.

YOU are a dark spirit looking for tears!

I despise you! I shall win this fight!

Maybe not tonight, but soon, there shall be no more fright!





I awaken in a panic of dampness,

I look around and realize you are gone!

Gone for now.

Be gone, you Night Time-Nightmare of Hell!


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