Winter is upon us….

Winter is upon us.  The winter solstice came upon my family and I so quickly that it felt like we were wearing our summer clothing one day and the next freezing upon the cold chill of the dark night.

I love winter yet despise it.  Winter is a time when families must stay inside due to early and freezing nights.  This is our opportunity to bond with those we live with.  We can make warm soups that sooth our souls or warm tea and chat till our eyes tire with sleepiness.
winter tea

On the other hand, it is a challenging time for us humans or at least for I, because our days are shortened.  I go to work, come home and make dinner for my hungry little hands that sway and feet that pit-pat around my house; by the time I am ready to do something, the dark night has taken over.

I love going outside and breathing in the peace of mother earth; during these dark nights, I cannot do so. I mean, of course, I can put on a sweater and go for a dark chilly walk, but it is not the same.

The light of mother earth that shines upon her bosom always brings peace to my mind.  When the dark sky is lit up, I find it soothing to be alone.  When I have my pit-patters, I would rather they go to dream land where I can enjoy the moon light in my solace with a warm glass of herbs.

Friends and foe, embrace this time of closeness.

Hold your kin close as next winter they will be a little taller, a little smarter and little more grown up.

Kiss and love your mate.  Let them bathe you with their warm kisses and hold you as your toes defrost among their warmth.

Most of all, embrace yourself.  You are left alone with your own thoughts as you come inside your dome.  You do not have the business of the world to distract you to whom you are.

Look within yourself to find your beauty-YOUR own beauty that belongs to only you.

We have not a lifetime to enjoy this bonding, but only today and possibly tomorrow.

winter goddess

Yours Truly,


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