A friend always to me…..

I had to tell you bye,
Yes bye,
Cuz, if I die,
Shall I say, I can’t lie!
We are both so different yet the same,
I can’t take it, am I to blame?
You love as if caged in a prison cell,
Its there yet hard to reach,
I love as sweet as a fuzzy peach,
I give it away wholly everyday,
You are prisoned by your past pains,
I let go freely and dance happily!
You are quiet,
I am loud,
Your sensitive,
I’m a callused cloud,
I tried cuz I do care,
But tonight I have realized when all bare,
You are entrapped by your own mind,
I cry from the pain you try to hide,
I can feel the hurt,
So, I have to say good-bye,
My friend, I shall always respect,
Lovers, it can’t be, it will get wrecked,
As you see, I am a floater and you encaged.
I wish I could take all your pain and crush it to pieces, but that’s not my job as you see.
I shall let you be to figure out what needs to be let go,
Because that really is not for me to know,


Hopes and love I have only for you,
but I need to fly to my mighty high and I can’t be pulled down by those sighs,
Two different world’s we are today,
But my friend
My sweet friend,
My dear friend,
YOU shall always be
Always to me……

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