Love Gate

She awaited by that special gate that would flow out with love. When she first arrived, her beautiful eyes were filled with lust. She heard sweet whispers roll into her ears. Excitement swam through her veins as if a child seeing her missed mother. 

She would awake with beautiful thoughts of visiting the gate of love. She anticipated walking in and embracing all the love poison she could carry with her.

One day, she walked all the way up to the gate telling the guard that she wanted in, but they told her that it was closed for now, but she could wait if she wished.

She couldn’t resist, so she got in line. She waited while the sun beat down on her, thirsty for a drink of water and they were still closed. She would visit daily, while she shimmered with love. All she wanted was to be allowed into the show, where she would be able to explore the beauty of love. But, time and time again, they kept the gates closed. Despite her discouraging times, she held on and stayed in line.

After years of visiting the closed gates, do you not think one would NOT go mad? You would think they would just move on, right? But she didn’t. She kept visiting the closed gate, hoping that with her patience and persistence, they would let her in. In the end, they told her over and over again, that those gates are closed. Every once in a while, they said they would open up, but quickly shut when the insides felt any sort of intimidation. She got discouraged and went mad. Happy times turned into mad times. Joyful thoughts turned into worry. Happy smiles turned into frowns. Instead of staying, she finally left. Nothing made sense, she didn’t even make sense. With a tear in her eye, she departed from the gates of love that never opened. It is said that it had opened in the past, but I guess her time was scarred by the misleads of back then. She goes on her journey with a sad sort of realm and a memory of hope. Maybe that gate of love will open one day, but apparently not during her days.


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