Broken pieces of glass….

He left our physical world ten years ago like a thief in the night; it is never the same. He chose to play the dice game of life and death, slowly taking his own life. Shattered teeth swallowed unto his stomach, bleeding, burning as its mixed with gasoline. He drank every drip until it was gone. Until he was gone……

I fought the demons within me to keep the screams from shattering out to pierce the falling glass. Glass that breaks into tiny pieces of sand. Whisking your hands through the soft sand as if at the beach on a sunny day. But there is nothing sunny about broken pieces of glass. Each piece of glass shattered my heart not because you left, but because you allowed your demons to win! Although I knew your pain, I know your pain, I still want to throw the broken pieces of glass onto the demons, so you could have been given a chance! A chance that was depleted and I was left, we were left with clenched hearts allowing the drips of blood you created, blood that dripped until it was dripless…

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