Dearest Mother Earth….


There she lays, frail, yet free:

Under the blue sky, where heaven is made,

Where the blue sea can take away your pain,

Beside the shiny sun,

Above her prickly skin,

She lays frail yet free:

She is free to be herself under all your trees,

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee!

I love thee for you have brought me my life, my light.

You hold the secret to all humanity!

We are born frail,

not able see all that we can be,

With your guidance, your non-judgmental aura,

we can be anything we approach to be,

How much love and power you have,

I apologize for all that humanity has done,

they just cannot see the beauty you leave,

They are sinners among your love,

I pray for them as they hurt you my drug,

One day…one day….they shall see,

That you are one, one with us, never against us….

Dearest Mother Earth, I love thee……


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