Slowly, carcasses rise on the eve on the fullest of fullest of moons,
Searching for sunken souls to devour. To taste. To energize with.

She has a smile that lights up a room, but her soul is full of your worse dark nightmares. Locked rooms in that mind of hers is full of moans. Doors are sealed with the death of him.

They can feel her deep pain, snail crawling toward her dark heart, they creep up to have their monthly treat.

She gave up on all the smiles and happiness around her. Without her soulmate, she cares less to go forward in her world. Tears turn into a dark tar that stains her beautiful pale face. She lines her lips with her liner to put on her happy smile, but they crack from a lack of oxygen.

They have taken over. They devour every inch of her. She is gone.

She now walks soulless in this beautiful world. 

Contempt that she no longer has a soul that was once shared with her mate.


-©C*S 2015

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