Bits and Pieces

He held onto bits and pieces of her true soul. He can smell her high when she is on top of the world. Jumping and floating around her beautiful world. He can feel the dark clouds when they are covering her up with a blanket of darkness. He can smell the ever ending pouring of her rain drops.

He can see how big her heart is and how much love she spews out. He desperately wants to hold her golden heart. He wants to feel her unconditional love. All he wants is for her eyes to see his own love.

Instead he watches her fall. He can sense the love she has for “him”.
Takes over his essence.

He tells her she deserves the world! She deserves all the love in the world. He affirms the fact that he knows her true soul and all he wants is her.

But her heart belongs to him. To the man who can never love her. To the man who can never be hers.

And they both walk away suffering…..


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