The end…



Honestly, this is usually what a relationship comprises of when it gets to the end. When your mind starts to go back and forth on what you want, that means its time to flee. Everything has a beginning and an end. Yes, it can be upsetting and sting a bit, but we have to accept it. When we don’t accept the end of a relationship, this is when it can become toxic.

About Cami*Star

I am an onion, peeled with many layers. My mind is an ever-flowing thinking machine. I love writing all my thoughts on paper and some get published here on my blog. I am a deep thinker, which brings along deep feelings-positively for the most part! I am a feminist, poet, writer, blogger, parent of two beautiful girls, a special education teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a spiritual warrior! Thank you for reading All About Me and checking out my blog! Much appreciation from your truly, Cami*Star

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