Pained in Gray


She took one step to the right,
Gray clouds covering her light,
Tears day and night,

What she does not know is that her path will only make her stronger,
Trials and triumphs are working her soul,
Like a mechanic turning a car into gold.

Tomorrow is not promised sweet child of earth,
Wipe your tears as you truly are stronger than told.

Our lives are a roller coaster of happiness and depression. Descended down low, but eventually up.

We all know pain,
Although it hurts,
We always gain
a stronger heart,
stronger love,
a stronger soul.

Smile at the moon tonight as he may be smiling at it too.

**To a sweet friend who is down low right now. She may not realize her depression will not last forever, but right now she is pained in that gray.

About Cami*Star

I am an onion, peeled with many layers. My mind is an ever-flowing thinking machine. I love writing all my thoughts on paper and some get published here on my blog. I am a deep thinker, which brings along deep feelings-positively for the most part! I am a feminist, poet, writer, blogger, parent of two beautiful girls, a special education teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a spiritual warrior! Thank you for reading All About Me and checking out my blog! Much appreciation from your truly, Cami*Star

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