Fairy tales

When I truly connect with a soul, this is a rare occasion.

I have a very easy going soul, but I find it difficult to really, truly connect.

I do not care for small talk. I care for deep conversations that will take me to your fairy land.

And I found him. And we soared through the clouds at night. We rode through the bright sun.

It was magical. But all good things do not seem to last forever. Even fairy dust ends up diminishing.

The wrong page was turned. The wrong words were written. They were inked on.  Then “poof” we went into two separate worlds.

And I truly miss that story, even though it had a horrible ending!

I love fairy tales with happy endings. Somehow my world seems to transport villains and they come off as true Kings. But once their spell is broken, I see who and what they really want.

Regardless, it was a beautiful story. Our souls connected. And this is rare.

Rareness will always be remembered, it is not everyday that I get to soar through sprinkled fairy dust.

Maybe, our stories will collide again.

Until then, I send only my fairy wishes to you.

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