Quick Laces


Quick laces
Big traces
Oxytocin highs
Taken back
Sitting slacks
Take my hand
High from life
Quick lights
Sitting nights
Run now
Love spills
Guts awaken
High from chems
Government owning
Take me
Run now
In the sky
Sparkling nights
Hold me
Quick traces
Your lips
Her hips
Love me
Run away
Quick laces
Big traces


About Cami*Star

I am an onion, peeled with many layers. My mind is an ever-flowing thinking machine. I love writing all my thoughts on paper and some get published here on my blog. I am a deep thinker, which brings along deep feelings-positively for the most part! I am a feminist, poet, writer, blogger, parent of two beautiful girls, a special education teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a spiritual warrior! Thank you for reading All About Me and checking out my blog! Much appreciation from your truly, Cami*Star

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