La Luna


Days shatter like
broken glass.
Feet unprotected.
She is raw.
She will bleed.

Depleted. Dry. Desolate.
Pearly beads swamping
her chest.
Burning eyes from El Sol.

Awaiting for his light to
caress her as if
tomorrow shall never arrive.
She is chewing gum.
She will burst.

Dejected. Depth. Deplore.
He rises with crisp whisks.
Euphoria drenching her soul.

Cricket rolls swooshing into
her dejected soul.
She is contempt.
She is cured.
She is consolable until…..
Father sun awakens.


About Cami*Star

I am an onion, peeled with many layers. My mind is an ever-flowing thinking machine. I love writing all my thoughts on paper and some get published here on my blog. I am a deep thinker, which brings along deep feelings-positively for the most part! I am a feminist, poet, writer, blogger, parent of two beautiful girls, a special education teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter, a sister and most importantly a spiritual warrior! Thank you for reading All About Me and checking out my blog! Much appreciation from your truly, Cami*Star

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