American Politics


Political history is in the making today. America is in the middle of what I call a “novela”. 

In a few weeks, us Americanos will go out and vote for many ballots that can affect our taxes, life sentences in jail and legalizing marijuana. This is the fun and easy part!

I used to love going out to vote every 4 years (I still do).  I take pride that my vote will count to an our ever changing political climate in America. Every 4 years, I’m glued to the el tele, watching the close call in our elections. 

Unfortunately, this election year is a joke and embarrassment to me (and this is saying it nicely). We have about 4 close candidates, but from the beginning of the race, it has been nothing but drama. Most Americans don’t even know that we actually have more than two choices! 

It’s a disgrace and an unfortunate race and one that I do NOT want to be part of. I am disgusted and if I could, I would seriously pack my bags and flee. But, the reality is, this is my home. I am an working class American as John Lennon sang about. 

So, I throw my Keyes on the table and look at the chess players. First and foremost we have the infamous Donald Trump! Oh, Mr. Trump, you are one interesting human, I would love to have a glass of wine with. He’s like a big pinata (and yes, they do sell them) I want to hit until all the candy comes out, but yours will be your stupidity. I cannot fathom how any intellectual, right headed American can vote for him. He is a class act for winning Clown of the Year, but the next President?!?Actually, it scares me. It scares me that there are humans who really back him up! So let’s just put aside all the “so-called” women who have come forward for sexual harassment. Let’s look at 5 hot policies he stands for. 

1. Immigration: We all know the story. If you want to come to America, you need to do the correct paperwork in order to attempt to come on over. I agree! Yes, everything shoukd be done legally. BUT the problem is that he has put cultures down, he is a class act bully! I cannot support that! He has a great idea that he ruined by bringing in his personal hate toward particular races, ethnicities and cultures. FAIL. 
2. Gun Control: Well, he has my vote here! I 100% have Trumps back by protecting our 2nd Amendment. We, as “civilians” need to have the right to bear arms. I do believe that if the commen people have access to guns, there would be less abrupt violence by our officers. This Donald, you have kept your word and speak level headed on this topic.  WIN.

3. Speaking of human rights, we have “abortions”. This topic will never be an easy one. We will ALWAYS have a left wing vs.right wing stance that will always be a touchy subject. He is Pro-life, which I can respect. I do not agree with him, but I can agree to disagree. Where he lost respect on this matter is that he has stated that his viewpoint has changed to pro-life because of a personal experience. As a President, I don’t believe they should ever make decisions based on their personal experience and morals. We are America. We are a melting pot of different morals. I do NOT want a President who will make decisions based on their personal viewpoints. We are all diffeferent! If he wins and he takes women’s rights away to make our own “choice” to decide whether we believe in abortion or not, we will go backwards as a human race. FAIL

4. Foreign Policy: He will destroy the U.S. What more can I say? Everything that has come out of mouth on foreign policy will get us nuked. He will “bomb the hell out of Isis”. I’m not sure if he realizes that Isis is not in one area. They have grown and are in different locations from Pakistan to France. (He’s NOT thinking again). He wants to make America safe (agree) and build our military (eehhh, not sure if I agree). But, does he realize that we are on thin ice with our Middle East allies and foe? He wants to take back our nuclear deal with Iran (will cause a war). He will “dismantle Iran’s Global Terror Network” (will cause a war). He will put military feet on Syrian land to fight terrorism (death to Americans). He wants to immediately stop hate preaching by Palestine leaders (agree), but how is he really going to do that? Bomb them? (Another war) FAIL

5. Taxes: He wants a major reform that will give more tax credit to families who have childcare expenses (yay). He wants to cut taxes and wants to get rid of current regulations. He has said that people making money in the high brackets don’t pay much on taxes and he wants to cut back? Where are we going to get our money? Yes, tax cuts will help the middle class, but the 1% do not need to pay less, they need to pay more! (FAIL)

Overall, he received 4 out of five fails. Needless to say, I’m NOT a trump supporter. 

Then, we have Trumps opponent, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. I actually liked her at one point. She was a great first lady, but once she held a role in government, my view point of her changed. Let’s take a drive by down her policies. 

1. Immigration: Unlike Trump, she is all about helping immigrants become legal citizens. She will work on keeping families together rather than splitting them up as Trump will do. She is about human rights and ensuring Immigrants get the appropriate care while in America whether they are “legal” or not. Immigration is not just about families coming into the US or not, it is about what will we do when they are here! They are human just as you and I! So, why treat them differently? If it wasn’t for immigration, you nor I would be here, unless you are a Native American. WIN.



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