A Grimm Tale…

As I’ve finished this book, I have become more and more curious on this new author. I found her book at my rural little book store. Half Off Books is located in Whittier, California and is one of the best book stores I know of. It is family owned and it carries mainly used books. I love recycling books and keeping the money within the book store rather than buying from a big corporate one. You can sell your books there and use that money to buy new books! They also hold Open Mic sessions twice a month where I have gone to hear other poets share their work as well as frightenly going up myself and reading a few of my published poems.

They also carry new books written by new authors or small town book publishers. What better way to be one of the first to read a new book? 

This is where I found A. Portera’s novel. I most likely would have never found her at a big book store like Barnes and Nobles. I am beyond blown away with her writing. I am impressed that this is her first published book. As I’ve read about her, she was working on her next Grimm Tale. I am in hopes that she has published her next book, so I can continue my love of her writing.

If you are looking for a Grimm Tale, read the one and only, “The Robber Bridegroom”

Her words put me smack in the middle of this Grimm world. I was unable to put her book down until it was complete within a week.  

And my search for another great Grimm Tale continues…..

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