A girl who came into my life for a season….

As I am now past my teens, I am past my twenties, and half way through my thirties, I have realized many important things in this world.

It appears as if the universe and the world have these plans for each one of us.  We all have our own destined road to go through.  As we move through our winding road, people and things are always going to be in our lives.

These people who enter our world either come into our lives for a certain reason.  It could be anything from teaching us a life learned lesson to letting us know that we do not want to be like that person.

Then there are those people who come into our lives just for the season.  Oh, how I have had many of those.  Once you get to really know them, you realize you do not want to associate with them anymore.  Or maybe they just move away or disappear.

And then there are those who are with you until you depart this world.  Those are the people who you hold close to your heart.  Those are the people who mean something to you.  Who you care about.  You wonder how they are doing.  These people will always be in your life no matter what.

Here is my story of a girl who came into my life for a season and is now gone for good:

People for a reason:  This is the easiest to recognize because these are the people that you love at first and then as time goes on, they crawl under your skin.  So, there was this girl *Rudie who came into my life about three years ago.  She was the mother of my daughters school friend.  She was also a close neighbor.  I remember seeing her and she looked like someone I would talk to.  Someone I would have something in common with minus the kids.

We began talking as our daughters enjoyed playing with each other.  As time went on, I opened up myself to her.  But that came very slowly as I always felt like there was something “off” about her, but I wasn’t able to put my finger on it.

I always stayed on edge with her as it did not always feel like she was a friend soul mate.  A friend “soul mate” is a word I often use, I’ll have to explain that concept later.  So, the fresh summers came by and we hung out together.  We took the kids to the beach, to water parks and we even had the girls spend the night at our houses.  I felt  like she was becoming a good friend.  Maybe she wasn’t that off as I had imaged.  I slowly opened myself up to her.  I told her personal things that us girls only tell our best friends.  We talked for hours on my couch, crying, laughing and even cooking for each other.  It was becoming a best friend relationship.

Time went on.

I got pregnant with Maya and my friend Rudie e was completely there for me.  But things got weird.

If you read my “about me”, I am a single mother.  I had my precious baby all on my own.  There was not a father involved.  So, I needed to find someone to be in my delivery room with me.  I though, hmm…my mom?  No, she lives too far (300 miles away) and if I needed to go in a whim, she wouldn’t be there.  I thought of my best friend, Barb, but no, she has two girls of her own and doesn’t drive.  So, that was out.  I thought of other family members, but the one person that stuck in my head, was to ask Rudie.

She was overjoyed when I asked her if she could be in my delivery room.  From that point on, I opened myself up even more to this friendship.  I trusted her.

Then the moment came.  I was ready to have my baby.  I called her, ready for her to pick me up.  Mind you, she already knew I was due any moment.  When I called her, she said she couldn’t take me to the hospital because her husband dropped her off at her mother’s house and she did not have a car. Apparently when her husband WAS going to pick her up, it was going to be late in the day.

The tears rolled down my cheeks.  My heart began to pound.  I got anxious!  What was I going to do?  I didn’t really have a back up plan.  I began calling my family.  Here is my ideal on “things  happen for a reason”.

I called one of my close cousins.  She lives a couple of blocks away from me.  I called her with my heart hurting, it felt heavy and tears were pouring out.  I told her what happened and she gladly said she would take me to the hospital and keep my oldest daughter.  It all worked out!

And this is the beginning of my story where my cousin was there for a reason and she is one of those people who will in my world for a lifetime, or at least it appears that way.

So, getting back to *Rudie.  She called me while I was in the hospital and apologized.  She said she was going to try to get to my room as she had promised, so she could be there.  In the end, she could not make it.

I was disappointed :/

So, I called my cousin and told her.  She had already offered to be in my room if need be.  I would have loved for her to be in my room, but I had asked what I thought to be a good friend.

It all happened for a reason.

Jump back to my friend *Rudie.  Fine, she wasn’t in my hospital room.  I forgave her.  I felt like she was a part of my life.  But it changed.

She got very much into her religion.  She began preaching to me.  Now, I have had many people preach to me, which is fine.  I have no problem with that.  The problem I had, was she was beginning to say how “evil” my family was.  I don’t think she meant it in a harsh way, but I took offense.  This is why religion is such a hot topic.  Everyone has different ideas, ideals and perspectives.  It is one of those topics I try to stay away from as I have my own views.

So, I let her little snide remarks slide off my back because I knew or at least thought I knew she was more than what she was being told.

Fast forward 3 months and I went back to work.  Rudie babysat.  It was great at the beginning.  I trusted her.  But it all fell apart once again.  I should have known.  She was not right in the head anymore.  I lost my friend in her deep magnetic view of her new found religion.

Now she began telling me my baby was “possessed”.  That was it.  I was over it!  I did not want that in my life anymore!

It ended badly.  I saw her true side.  And in hindsight, I don’t want a friend like that.  I found a new sitter and deleted her from my life.  She has bad energy and for some reason, there is something not right about her, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

And that is the girl who came into my life just for a season……….


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