Don’t Ask!!

The cringing of asking that taboo question.

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

But, I sit and wonder,

Her heart wonders,

Her brain wonders,

Her life wonders,

Don’t Ask! Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

She lays with you and feels the beating of your heart,

She see’s your eyes, and they are fully alert,

She feels your hugs and they feel true to her heart,

She hears your voice and its kind like hers.

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask! Don’t Ask!

All is good.  All is great.  She loves where it is.

No complaints,

No issues,

She loves where its at,

But the wonders are still there…

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

We go further around,

We both open up,

You can see who I am,

And I can see who you are,

We take that next step,

I jump in the ride,

It’s great as always,

Nothing to hide,

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

But she hears of others,

she wonders, why not her,

he says don’t take it personal,

but it’s hard, when your both always together,

The flutters begin,

The heart begins to pound,

The want of needing to know,

But the hidden answer will most likely hurt,

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

She fights it,

He says don’t do it,

She can’t help it,

She wants to know!

Don’t you listen?

Do you really want to know?

Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!  Don’t Ask!

What is your deal?

Is meant, why not me?

You had that one who is crazy,

And that one who cheated,

But she sheds internal tears because it hurts oh so bad,

She wants to know, she fights, SHE FIGHTS IT, SHE FIGHTS IT!

It comes out!  Oh no, go back in!  Go back in!  Go back in!

The fighting, can’t stop it!

The heart wants to know,

She Asks!  She Asks!  She Asks!

And the tears roll down her face,

Her heart feels the pain,

The rejection is the rain,

She tumbles to a ball,

She can’t see that smile,

The gray cloud has overcome her,

The tears is all she hears,

You should have listened!

You should have listened!

You should have listened!




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