You silly, silly bird………..

Oh you silly, silly bird,

I’ve cared for you,

I’ve loved you,

I’ve reached out to you,

and more….

Your funny, funny feathers

are forevermore….

Oh you silly, silly bird,

You just want to nibble,

and be held in my arms,

But to make me your home,

Is nothing but  alarm,

You treat me with kindess

You treat me with care,

Your feathery heart…is nothing, but shared

You silly, silly Bird,

I love to feed you,

and bring you some sunshine,

I love to hold you

and smile with energy of  time,

but deep down inside,

I know in the end, my home is my home

and you just want to roam,

You silly, silly bird,

I want you so bad,

it  hurts just a tad,

I want to chase after you,

but It’s always a doom,

you want to fly,

fly high in the sky,

You cannot force your flying wings to abide,

You silly, silly bird,

I understand you want to fly,

fly up to the sky,

but here I am,

loving your feathery ways,

I cannot wait forever

for your time is so precious,

My bird, My bird,

fly as you may,

but know that your home will be here

forever today………………


Once a bird lands on your yard, it is special.  It is special when there is a connection.  My bird has been visiting me for a year and a half.  I want to keep my bird so close to me.  I do not want any other bird as my heart belongs to only one.  I tried recently to connect with another feathery flier, but it was not the same.  My heart belongs to my bird for now.  I just wish my bird wanted me as I want it. 

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