Everyone has a journey.  Our journey’s are what makes us.  They teach us a lesson or we teach someone else a lesson.

But, sometimes, we wonder, why, why, oh why, am I going through this path?  Why?

But, believing in faith, hope and our journey’s, there is always a point to everything.

I sit and breath.

I meditate.

I ask the powers of the universe, why I was put in that situation?

I can walk away, breath and know that it was a lesson.

I learned patience.

I learned to give out my kindness with nothing in return.

It was hard.

It was a challeng and now that it is over, I am grateful for the lesson, yet my heart hurts from the feeling of being taken advantage of.

Once again, I breath.  I meditate.  I talk to the powers of the universe.

My soul is struggling with the fact that I am hurt.

My heart hurts from feeling used.

My heart hurts as my little bird took my kindness for granted.

I feel like my bird just cannot see the beauty of life, yet it puts negative thoughts in my precious mind from my actions.

If you tell your bird to fly, it will.

If you tell your bird to stay by my side, it will.

If you tell your bird, you don’t care, they will believe it.

But on the otherside of the plane, here I am.

Sitting and Waiting.

Believing that my journey is meant to be where it is.

I fought it.  I accepted it.

But there was always a clump of clay in my tum wondering why, why, why?

Why does it make me feel unappreciated and more importantly, why did I put myself in that negative situation?

I hoped. I hoped. I hoped.

I thought my bird would see that I was going to stick with it no matter what.

I gave. I gave. I gave.

He took. He took. He took.

And I dried  up.

Did I get anything in return?  No.

I breathed, because the laws of the universe are that, if you give, one day you will get your positive back in return.

I did not get my return today or yesterday.

I do know that my Karma is good.

I gave and hopefully one day I will get something back in full force.

I just have to have faith that all of this was meant to be on my past year journey.

I really cared for my sweet bird.  I will miss its smiles and laughs.  I will miss it’s fluffy wings.

But my bird and I were not on the same page.

I wanted it to be with me and me only.  It supposidly said it was, but when my bird could not commit, that is hard to believe.

Despite my questioning, I could not twiddle my thumbs, waste my time and just wait around.

As a wise lady once told me, “sometimes you have to let go of what you have, so something better will come around”

this is what I did…..

Today, I say good-bye to what could have been…….

Good-Bye to feeling used…

Good-Bye to giving away my kindness….

I am a bigger person than to sit around and play your Non-Exclusive Ways.

I hope and pray  your path is safe.

I wanted to be there for you.

But here we are at the end of the road.

It is bitter sweet.

Happiness for being away from that “used” feeling….

Sadness for the loss of my little bird ❤

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