Financial Inequality

You know, we are always going through our lives as fast as lightning hits our atmosphere!  As humans, we are always striving to be a better person, but most importantly, we are striving to make it!

Make it?  What do you mean make it?  Make it in the sense of the following:

  • Have a good job, career, college education, trade etc.
  • Own a house or at least be able to rent a roof over our heads
  • Able to buy the most current electronics

But it’s stressful, isn’t it?  Well, it really shouldn’t be!  We should be able to live a simple life. Right? 

I truly believe so!  If we work our asses off, and after we pay all of our bills, shouldn’t we be able to enjoy our weekends by taking our kids/family/friends out?  Go out to the beach?  Go out to eat? Enjoy the simple things in life?

WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THESE THINGS!  But it is not always possible in our economy.  

But why?  Well, take a look at this video:

This is why we are not able to enjoy our selves as much as we want!  We do not have any economic freedom!  We are slaves to companies as they tax us, when they don’t even need the money!  It is a very, very sad reality!  

What can we do about it?  Not much.  Not much. Not much. 

Hopefully if people begin to awaken their eyes, they will see the truth of why economy sucks.  But people don’t pay attention!  People go on and on with their lives, embedded with their own troubles, which many of those troubles are financial.  

It just sickens me.  How can we live in a world like this?  There are some greedy people out there and it is sickening!  

Okay, financial rant over. 





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