The Spirits have Awoken

Sunday, November 13th 2011

It is a beautiful day outside. The lovely wind is blowing in my hair. The sun is shining on my face. I love today and no one can it away. Today, I realize that I have surpased the crack I have been stuck in. I have found a way around it. Damn, those cracks on our paths that get in our way. Our paths can be so smooth, but from our shaking universe, we get stuck sometimes. The funny thing is that most of the time, we dont’ even know we are stuck in a crack. We just go with life. We wake up and do our daily thing, come home, go to sleep and start another day without really thinking about where we are. We are stuck, but then we breath, we realize, we have to breath. We breath in the world and realize, we are stuck. We have to get out to keep going on our path. There are so many beautiful things that will arise, but we have to get out and keep going.

I took a deep breath and I smelled the beauty of today. I realized my foot was stuck in a crack. I breathed in and saw a yellow sun. I breathed in and saw a shining star. I breathed in and decided to get out of the damn crack and run. I am running. I am running like I am being chased from a coyote. I am running like I am on the beach, running towards heaven. I am running to happiness.

I can smell the freshness of the world. I can smell the beauty of today, tomorrow and my new found smile.

The negative world, get out of my way. I don’t need you, nor do I want you next to me or my kin. I see you. I don’t want you. I’ve been with you. Good bye.

To the Spirits of love,
I await you like a bird awaits its worm,

To the Sprits of Friendship,
You come to me as if we are a universal bond

To the Spirits of my Kin
You have been given to me and I await the blossoming of your beauty

To the Spirits of Air,
I breath you in like I really care

To the Spirits of you,
You are beautiful inside and out,
If you cannot see that, I do not care.

To the Spritis of you,
You are one of a kind,
If you do not like that, I do not care.

To the Spirits of you,
You are whole, don’t ever let go of that.

To the Spritis of you,
You have been chosen to love. To love like you care.
To love like its your passion.

To the Spirits of you,
Go with your road. It’s powerful.
You will turn the page and everyday will be love….

To the Spirits of you,
There is no going back.
Oh no, there is no going back……………………

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