This Wonderous World


We have to really think deep and be in reality to understand what is happening.  What is happening today, do you know?  Do you care?  I care, but I have so much else to care about.  I go about my life and forget.  But then I see the pain.

It is sad.  It is unconstitutional.  It is in-humane.  It is crazy.  It is against kindness.  What are these people thinking?

The first people to occupy America, as we all know were the Native Americans.  They lived a prosperous, spiritual life.  I think about their lives and can imagine their peaceful lives.

Then as we all know war, hatred, jealousy and the unknown are brought onto their land.   Their land, which in now our land.  The supposed “wonderous world”.

The first people got on a boat and was hopeful to get out of Europe.  Some people were criminals and they were forcefully sent to the Americas.  While one party wanted to forget about them and get rid of them, the other party, may have been hopeful to possibly start a new life.

religion was a big part in Europe and many people began to “think” differently from the norm of religion.  They escaped the persecution of the church.  Others plainly came as indentured servants to gain their  own land.

In essence people landed foot onto the land of the natives for freedom from the church and to attempt to be the leader of a new world.

The land of the Americas changed forever. We all know the story of how evil took over and the air was filled with killings, rapes, lives and familes being destroyed, tortured and forever scarred.

As the world goes on, the Europeans live happily ever after.

Then the word gets out and more and more migrate to this wonderous land.  Men take charge and put forth rules and regulations.

Others such as the Irish are scrutinized as “immigrants” and now there is an agenda as to who can come into the land.  How sickening is this?  Why can’t we all just live happily.

The people with fair skin, light hair and eyes that sparkle with light are now the founders of America.  The world is established and then comes more evil.

They bring in “slaves”.  Now there are people of a darker color on the American land and they are treated the same way as the Natives.  Who gives these people the right to do such hatred acts?

As time goes on, our world understands, accepts, challenges, fights this rubber band of hatred and inequality.

We overcome and are now all living together with no one saying a certain person of a certain color cannot enter.

But have we really overcome this hatred?


Now, we are living in the 21st Century.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes.  We are supposed to educate ourselves on our history, so we don’t make the same mistakes.

We are now living in a world of technology.  One would think that we have now diminished the negative world out of our hands.

But,  just like a drama, hatred and unhealthy relationship arrive on the table, if one does not get help, they will continue on with their patterns.

The world needs help!  It is not free!  It is money hungry, which is evil.  It is a democratic word, but we are all ruled by one ruler, which is not really democratic.

The Americas are still not allowing people in and are racial profiling, which is amazingly going backwards.

America has jobs.  America is freedom, compared to other countries.  We have the freedom of speech.  But we blockade the States like we are some glamorous world in which we do not want to be infected.

It has gotten to the point, where innocent people want to come to this supposedly glamorous world.  They think it like living the “dream” they are never able to grasp.  They think if they come to America, they will get a job, they will have money.  They will be able to afford housing and food.

And now our world changes. “Outsiders” fight to come over.

They go as far as climbing fences.  They put their lives in danger.  They leave their children behind, so they can enter this wonderous world.  They cross rivers, lakes and oceans.  They almost die.  What kind of life is this?

Now this “wonderous world” is that un-reachable goal.  Everyone wants it.  It’s reverse psychology.  If you cannot have it, you want it more.

Now in the Americas, we have what we call “immigrants”.  Immigration defines a group of people who move to new country for a variety of  reasons:

“Illegal Immigrants” are the ones who come to the Americas that are typically poor and do not have a lot of resources.

“A person may become an illegal immigrant by one of three ways: The first is  to enter a country without consent from the country’s government.  The second is  when the immigrant stays longer than the time he was legally granted to stay in  the country. The third is when an immigrant violates the terms of consent, such  as illegal activity, unemployment or leaving school. Consent is granted through  a country’s consulate or embassy by stamping a valid passport with appropriate  visa information”.  (Wikipedia)

This is where it gets ugly.  As illegal immigrants want to be in America so bad, they put their lives and bodies in danger.

They fight the INS every second of the day.  They can be working and the INS comes in and they run away from the predator that will eat them alive.

They have to work in environments that most people would not even consider.  They go out onto farm fields and pick fruits and veggies.  Their hands suffer.  They get poison in their eyes.  They get sun damage.  They work from dusk till dawn with one meal.  They are the new “slaves” of America.  It is quit ironic that money  hungry people will hire illegal immigrants to save a buck, but they do not care or realize the physical pain these people will go through for the sake of their evil money greed.

While the men are out on the field, women only have several choices.  They cannot work for a company as they are not “legal”.  They can work as a maid, a nanny or work in underpaid factories.

And as we all know, but turn our heads to the reality of it, they get taken advantage of.  The end.

It is a sad, sad cycle.  I wish our world did not treat people badly.  Who cares if they are legal or not!  They are human.

To want to live in the wonderous world is to…………

put you body in pain,

The want puts your emotions on

a high drive of an up and down crane.

The want keeps your children behind

like the orphaned and unwanted.

The want destroys your self-worth

as a criminal does not care.

Is this world really worth all the commotion and pain?

I do not know, I do not know that pain.

But I see you.  I see your eyes.

Their full of pain as that up and down crane.

Why do you do it?

Is it all the worth it?

I would rather stay, but that is not for me to say.

I pray for you and hope that our world will one day change.

I love you like a human that wishes you had no pain.

One day, one day, we’ll live in this world,

drama free and free for all of YOU!!

**This is written on behalf of my own opinion.  You may not agree, but it is where my brain thoughts are.  This is written by Camille Ruiz and it is copyrighted

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