The sun was there…

The sun was there one day,

like the shining of light.

It felt warm and glorious

as if your embedded in light.

The sun was there with rays,

it felt ever so blissful.

The sun crept up slowly, oh so slowly is climbed.

It did not want to rise, because ending is binding.

The sun went up higher, the lights and the shining,

the warmth had a buyer that couldn’t resist liking.

The Earth pulled at it, tugging like fire,

She tried to keep grounded, but she was too wired.

What happened? What happened? What happened to the light?

It was beyond staying grounded and IT’S JUST NOT RIGHT~

When the sun was up, her soul opened up,


She took the warmth in without thinking of pain,

the laughter, the fun, will forever be sane.

The earth began to shake,

It scattered.

It hurt.

It’s over.

It’s dark.

The sun is gone.  0

She thinks of it every now and then,

The thoughts of that warmth, brings a smile to her face,

Thoughts of the light, brings a tear of delight,

Thoughts of the sun will stay in her heart,

For staying grounded did not happen,

but falling is what happens when your smile is open.

To my blissful sun….

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